Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Fatal Fashione

The Fatal Fashione by Karen Harper is an Elizabeth I mystery. This is book number 8 in this mystery series. I read this book for The Royalty Rules Challenge. I believe that this book is appropriate for an young adult. If my daughter was interested in murder mysteries I would let her read it and she is 11.

One of Queen Elizabeth's starchers is found died in a vat of starch. Queen Elizabeth with the help of her Privy Plot Council hunt for the murder. The evidence points to someone that she trusts. Can she prove that this person is innocent?

When I found this series, I was looking forward to reading it as I love the House of Tudor. I was a little disappointed. I had a hard time believing that Queen Elizabeth I would be running around London trying to solve murders and still have time to run the country and other social obligations. I felt that I was reading a mystery set in modern times not in 1566. I felt that the historical aspect was thrown in as an after thought not part of the setting. But the historical aspect was sparse. The language was very modern and I kept thinking would the Queen say that. I was about 100 pages in when I was able to let all that go and started to enjoy the mystery. I found the mystery part very entertaining. Toward the end I was unable to put the book down until it was finished. The ending was satisfying. If you like murder mysteries then you should like this, if you read this book for any historical value you would do better to read Jean Plaidy or Alison Weir.

I am know going to read my last book for this challenge The Courts of Love by Jean Plaidy which is also on my list for the TBR Challenge. Killing two birds with one stone.

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