Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where Have I been?

I am still here. I have just been busy with my infant/toddler on-line class. I usually have three assignments due in a week and after spring break I will be having four assignments due in a week. My class involves a lot of writing. So it has been taking a lot of my time.

I have read some books before my class started.
I finished Emperor: The Gates of Rome by Conn Iggulden. This book is about the early years of Julius Cesar and Marc Anthony.
I did not enjoy it. It was not a bad book. It just was not my type of book. I hate to be sexist, but I kept thinking that this book is geared for men.

For the Historical Fiction Challenge, I read The Triumph of Deborah by Eva Etzione-Halevy. This book was about Deborah a famous bible prophet, and Barak, a Jewish General. My only issue with this book is that I cannot see God picking a general who sleeps with any female, and a prophetess who sleeps with her general. To save the Jewish people from their enemies the Canaanites. It just did not fit with my idea of biblical fiction. Otherwise, I liked it.
My goal is to read one book a month as long as my class is in session. The sad thing is I am already behind. I did not read any books in February. So I will have to finish Flowers in The Rain by Rosamunde Pilcher, a book filled with short stories about love and relationships, and another book in March. So hopefully when I am on spring break, I can achieve this goal.
Even though I am not writing on my blog, I am still thinking of everyone. I will try to write in about a month or so. I guess I can always put my essay's form my class up on my blog. Just a thought.
Happy Reading.