Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Computer and My Cat

My daughters are spending spring break with their grandparents. I thought that I would get a lot of blogging done since I would not have to share the computer with my eldest daughter. I was wrong. My third child, my cat, Baby, made it impossible. Everytime I came to the computer, Baby would jump on the table and lay across the table making it impossible to reach the keyboard. I would have to move the keyboard away so she would not lay on it.

I would get up and walk away; she would follow me. As soon as I sat down in front of the computer, here she would come and lay down so I could not type. She has done this for the past five days. She finally has jumped off the computer and gone her own way. I understand that she may be lonely for the other girls, but she could've cuddled up with my husband as he sleeps. (He works nights, so sleeps in the evenings)

She's back. On the bright side, I have been getting alot of reading done.

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