Monday, March 3, 2008

Two for one 2

Crossfire by B. J. Daniels
I loved this book! I have read 6 books in code red series. So far this is my favorite in the series. I loved that Daniels used a timeline to help tell the story. Also Daniels incorporates flashbacks to explain the relationship between the two main characters.

Anna Carson had just returned to Courage Bay after being gone for 5 years. She is coming back to be a SWAT paramedic. Her ex- fiance Flint Mauro will be her commander. He is not happy. He did not want Anna to be in SWAT. One her first day back a hostage-taking occurs at City Hall. Can Anna and Flint save the hostages and repair their relationship?

Spontaneous Combustion by Bobby Hutchinson
This is another book in the code red series. This is about Shannon O'Shea and John Forrester. Shannon is one of two female fire fighters in Courage Bay. John Forrester is a fire fighter from New York. Shannon gets disoriented in a warehouse fire after rescuing a dog. She is rescued my a mystery stranger in Silver, protective gear for fire fighters. Is John her rescuer?

This was a good read. I do enjoy the code red series. This one did not let me down.

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