Sunday, March 23, 2008

Innocent Traitor

Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir is about Lady Jane Grey. I read this book for the Royalty Rules Challenge. This is another chapter in the Tudor history. It is told in the first person by the people that are involved in Lady Jane's life as well as Lady Jane herself. Each chapter is someone else's point of view.

The story opens with the birth of Lady Jane Grey and the birth of Prince Edward who will be King. Lady Jane's parents are very disappointed that their first born is a girl. After the birth of Prince Edward, Lady Jane's parents believe that Lady Jane was born to marry Prince Edward and become Queen of England.

Lady Jane is educated and trained in the hopes of marrying Prince Edward thus becoming the Queen of England. Their hope dies when Prince Edward dies. But another plan has been developed to keep England Protestant. John Dudley, Duke of Northumerland, decides that Lady Jane is the best candidate for being the next ruler of England. He believes that he will be able to control her and he will run the country. With the help of Lady Jane's parents, he marries her to his son Guilford Dudley. What more can a power hungry man want. His son will be King.

But imagine his surprise when all of his plans fall apart. Lady Jane stands up to him. He is unable to find Princess Mary. All of his hopes come to naught. Princess Mary becomes the Queen of England. Lady Jane becomes a prisoner and is held in the Tower of London. She was Queen for nine days.

I loved this book. I had heard about Lady Jane Grey when I watched the movie Lady Jane. I always felt sorry for Lady Jane. Her life was never her own. Almost everyone she knew was manipulating her for their own aspirations. This book did not disappoint. It made Lady Jane into a sympathetic character. The best part was when she became queen and started to find her own voice surprising the people who thought they could control her. Reading this book made me wonder what kind of Queen would she have become is she had the chance.

Royalty Rules Challenge is geared towards young adults. I would recommend that Innocent Traitor for ages 16 and up due to sexual content.

This is Alison Weir first historical fiction book. She has written about 10 non fiction books that relate to English royalty esp. the Tudors. I plan to read her non fiction books and I look forward to her next historical fiction book, The Lady Elizabeth; which is about the early life of Queen Elizabeth I. If you like historical fiction read this book.


Lezlie said...

I've been wondering about this one. I'm glad you liked it! Now I feel perfectly justified in buying it for future challenges. :-)


Pabast said...

I think you will like it. You don't hear alot about Lady Jane in the history books or novels. A good read.