Saturday, May 8, 2010

Class is over!!!

Hi, everyone I am back. I have been silent for two months. Between work, class and family I barely had time to read and let alone blog. I have read two books since the last time I posted. I know two books is not much but I am pleased because my class was taking so much time. I was writing my assignments Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Nothing like the last minute, since everything was do on Sunday.

My family was at Border's browsing books. I had no intention to buy anything; when my husband picked up Monster by A. Lee Martinez and joking said "Here is a book for you." I took the book and read the back cover and I decided that a book about monster hunter with a girlfriend from Hell would be a fun read. My husband was a little surprised that I actually liked the book. So I bought the book and started to read it.

This is from the back cover: Monster runs a pest control agency. He's overworked and has domestic troubles -like having the girlfriend form hell.

Judy works the night shift at the local Food plus Mart. Not the most glamorous life, but Judy is happy. No one bothers her, and if she has to spell things out for the night manger every now and again, so be it.

But when Judy finds a yeti in the freezer aisle eating all the Rocky Road, her life collides with Monster's in a rather alarming fashion. Because Monster doesn't catch raccoons: he catches the things that go bump into night. Things like ogres, trolls, and dragons.

Oh and his girlfriend from hell? She actually is from Hell.

This book was a fun read. I read it in one night. LOVED IT. It was the right book to help distress after a day of writing about infant and toddler development. Everybody in my household was surprised that I read Monster and actually liked it. My youngest kept asking me what monsters were being captured as I was reading. My husband was very proud that he actually picked out a book for me and I like it. I am going to try and read other books by A. Lee Martinez.

Diamond Willow by Kathleen Eagle was a book I had laying around the house. My mom gave to me awhile ago. When I was in college, I read Harlequins and Silhouettes books as a quick read. So I picked this book to read because it should have been a quick read.

From the Back cover:

His name was John Tiger, but the few who truly know hem called him the Cat. Th Indian rancher was locked in a bitter struggle to save the land that was his birthright, standing his ground against outsiders who cared nothing for the traditions of his people.

It was hard for this proud, solitary man to admit he needed help-and even harder to ask it of Teri Nordstrom, the woman whose memory had haunted him for so many years. But this was one battle he could not win alone.

Then, suddenly, there was for more at stake than land. Suddenly he was fighting to claim a love he had thought was lost forever-and a child he had never known was hie.

This was an average romance. I can usually read these types of romances in about 2-3 hours, this one took a couple of days to finish. This book was OK, nothing inspiring or made me feel that satisfied feeling that one can get after reading a romance.

During the past four months, I have lost touch with the book world and I will be spending time catching up.

Happy Reading.