Monday, September 29, 2008

Mailbox Monday

I received only one book by mail this week. It is the book I have been waiting for by The Darker Side by Cody McFadyen . Also my mom came up this weekend and delivered some books that she thought I would enjoy. Here is the list.

  1. 1. So Dark the Night by Margaret Daley
  2. 2. Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas by James Patterson
  3. 3. Bearing Gifts by Aimee Thurlo
  4. 4. City of Bones by Michael Connelly
  5. 5. Dangerous Minds by LouAnne Johnson
  6. 6. Gallagher's Lady by Carol Jerina
  7. 7. Compromised Security by Cassie Miles
  8. The Hart Brothers:Rey & Leo by Diana Palmer
  9. Desperado by Diana Palmer
  10. Rhett Butler's People by Donald McCaig

I went to the Salvation Army and bought some books. I know that this is for books received in the mail, but I am including them anyway. I love going to the Salvation Army and looking for books. You never know what you will find. You can find some out of print books that you have been looking for or newer books. And in some cases you will fine nothing. And the price is nice; 50 cents for paperback and 1.00 dollar for hardcover. Here is the list.

  1. The Last Precinct by Patricia Cornwell
  2. Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell
  3. Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich
  4. Innocent As Sin by Elizabet Lowell
  5. The Carriage House by Carla Neggers
  6. Devices and Desires by P.D. James
  7. Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns
  8. Harvest by Tess Gerritsen

I also bought H.P. and the Sorcerer's Stone. I have the paperback already, but I wanted the hardcover. It only cost 1.00 so why not.

While I was at Target I found this book that I thought would be fun. It is called The Abstinence Teacher by Tom Perrotta. It is about Ruth Ramsey who is the sex ed teacher and her openness is not appreciated by all of her students and their parents. Tim Mason who is a born again Christian. But when these two people begin talking to each other instead of disagreeing a surprising friendship begins.

I hope you all don't mind that I included every book I got this week not just the one I received in the mail.

Visit The Printed Page to see what others have received in the mail.

Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lost Diary Of Don Juan

Welcome to Douglas Carlton Abrams' Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

This is a story about how Don Juan, the world's greatest lover learns about true love. The Lost Diary of Don Juan by Douglas Carlton Abrams is a historical fiction set in Seville, Spain during the Inquisition.

Don Juan is given a diary by his mentor Don Pedro the Marquis de la Mota. Don Juan begins to reflect on his past and how he became a libertine. Don Juan writes about how he was a orphan and raised by nuns until he got caught with his first lover. He then went to live in a monastery, but after a severe beating he left. He runs to Seville were he learns to be a burglar. He then meets the Marquis. The Marquis trains him to be a spy and then a libertine. He finally encounters his most challenge adventure; learning that he can love just one woman.

There are sex scenes, but they were not what I expected. Considering this is about the world's greatest lover the sex scenes were very tame. I have read worse in romance novels.

Don Juan is a very charming and likable character. He has learned not to talk about the women he sleeps with. For a libertine he does have his ethics. He keeps their secret. He also has learned to appreciated beauty in all women.

Abrams writing style is easy to read. When he writes about the Inquisition and the torture we experience it. The final fight scene is very intense and visual. Abrams has some surprises that are not reveled until the end and I did not see them coming. I like that, unpredictable.

I discovered this book last year. After reading about it on the website I wanted to read it. Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotions, I got the opportunity. I am glad to say that The Lost Diary of Don Juan lived up to my expectations.

Overall, I found The Lost Diary of Don Juan to be entertaining. If you are looking for a fun quick read this is the book for you.

About the Author:

Douglas Carlton Abrams is a former editor and the coauthor of a number of books on love, sexuality and spirituality. This novel, his first, has been published in twenty-eight languages. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with his wife and three children.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mailbox Monday

I am very excited that I have received some books in the mail that I can blog for this meme.

Last week I received Cold Rock River by Jackie Lee Miles. This is one of the October books that I will review for Pump Up Your Book Promotions.

I was pleasantly surprised last week when I opened up a package. I thought it was going to be one of the books for Pump Up Your Book Promotions. Instead it was a ARC for Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland. I did not request it. It just showed up. OK, maybe I won it from one of Handeland's contest one her website.

Today, I came home from work I had not one but two packages waiting for me. One was American Quest by Sienna Skyy. This is another book I am reviewing for Pump Up Your Book Promotions. I am still waiting for the third book the new Cody McFadyen The Darker Side.

The other package of books came form Harlequin. The Deadliest Strain by Jan Coffey, The Playboy's Plain Jane by Cara Colter, Dark of The Moon by Susan Krinard, The Guilty by Jason Pinter and last but not least The Devil's Foot Prints by Amanda Stevens

For more information visit The Printed Page. Thanks Marcia.

Now, back to Dancing With The Stars. Go Lance.

Happy Reading.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Forbidden Daughter

Welcome to Shobhan Bantwal's Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

The Forbidden Daughter by Shobhan Bantwal is about how the suggestion of selective abortion sets off a series of events that changes the life of Isha Tilal. It is set in a small town in India.


This is the story of one young mother, Isha Tilak. When a sonogram reveals that their second child is another girl, Isha and her husband Nikhil's lives are forever altered. Their doctor suggests an abortion and her in-laws insist on it. Refusing to comply with their wishes leads to a bizarre chain of events -- Isha's husband becomes the victim of a mysterious murder plot, leaving her alone with one daughter and another on the way. Her only option is to sever her ties to her in-laws and raise her girls as a single mother.

But more danger threatens to rip apart her new life. The stakes become impossibly high -- even for a woman as brave as Isha.

Even though selective abortion is the main theme that runs through out the book. It is more then that. It is about a woman who has to be strong and start over despite the difficulties and
the cultural influences. She does what she has to do to protect her daughters.

Bantwal did a nice a job of writing about an unfamiliar culture. She made it easy to understand what cultural factors influence the thinking of the characters. We may be shocked or not agree with these factors but we understand why.

I found The Forbidden Daughter to be an interesting read. I enjoyed reading it very much. I have added Bantwal's first book The Dowry Bride to my ever growing TBR list. If it is anything like her second book it will be a great read.

About the Author:

I was born and raised in a large, conservative Hindu family in a small town called Belgaum in Southwestern India. I was the black sheep of the family, the only tomboy and hellion in a family of five girls. My four sisters were angels—good little Brahmin girls with the perfect mix of academic achievement, modesty and deportment. Needless to say, I single-handedly gave my parents every gray hair they possessed, but they were wonderful parents and to a large degree I owe everything I am today to them. The most valuable things they gave me were an outstanding education and the love of reading.

An arranged marriage to a man who happened to live in the U.S. brought me to New Jersey several years ago. After giving birth to a daughter and acquiring a second master’s degree in Public Administration from Rider University, I started working for a government agency, where I continue to work.

I’m a late bloomer as far as writing is concerned. Never did I imagine I would even want to be a writer until I turned half a century old. They say a mid-life crisis can go either way—downwards or upwards. Fortunately for me, along with the annoying hot flashes and a few other woes, the creative half of my brain shot into overdrive—definitely an uplifting experience. Overnight I decided I wanted to do two things: be on stage and become a writer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Left To Die

Welcome to Lisa Jackson's Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

This is a rescheduled review of Left to Die by Lisa Jackson.

A Serial Killer was loose in Grizzly Falls, Montana. Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli wanted a career making case, but not this case. After four murders, they have nothing to go on; but the killer's mysterious notes. That he leaves with the bodies.

The Serial Killer has a mission. To be successful woman must die. He believes that he is smarter than the police. They can not see his vision, but in time they will.

Jillian Rivers is trapped in her wrecked car. Then a stranger pulls her free. He says his name is Zane MacGregor a trail guide. Is he friend or foe?

There are three story lines in this book. There is the Serial Killer's, the police detective's who are trying to solve this case and their personal lives, and Jullian's story.

Regan Pescoli personal life is very complicated. She has two children and an ex-husband who has remarried. Her daughter thinks that he is the cooler parent and her step mom is great. Her son wanted nothing to do with him, because he is not his father. But when he gets into trouble and his mom gets tough. He runs to his step-dad. She has to deal with all of this and still find out who the serial killer is. I am glad that we get to know more about her in the sequel to Left To Day, Chosen To Die. Chosen To Die will be released in August 2009

I liked that we get to peak into the Serial Killer's mind. It was chilling that we get to hear his thoughts and what he thinks of his destiny.

Jillian's story is interesting as well. She left Seattle to find if her first husband was still alive. As she is driving down a snow covered road. Her tires are shot out and she goes off the road, down a ridge. Has she been saved only to die later?

The ending is unexpected.
It took a while for me to get into the book, but once I did I liked it. I must be weird, but for me the best part was when we were in the Serial Killer's mind.

This book is a suspenseful thriller with some romance thrown in. Give this book a chance. Once you get past the first part of the book, you should become intrigued to see what happens in the end.

Happy Reading

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal

Welcome to Ben Furman's Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

Synopsis from the back cover:

Not every hero looks the part....

"Sam" Mae Costas is nobody's idea of a hero. She is constantly teased about her thick glasses, her small size, and her asthma attacks are embarrassing and difficult to control. When Sam is forced to spend the summer on her grandpa's farm she thinks things can't get much worse.

Deep in the caverns below the farm, Prince Buznor is a young Awok on a life-and-death mission to save his world. He has to find Sam and prove to her that only she can find and control the Crimson Crystal.... the one weapon that can defeat the evil threatening his people.

To reach the Crimson Crystal Sam must journey through the hostile Land of Geffen, facing horde of catacomb dwarfs, vicious vampire bats, and deadly monsters. Can Sam overcome her fears, her doubts, and find the Crimson Crystal in time to save the Awokian world?

Sam's Quest for the Crimson Crystal by Ben Furman is a young adult fantasy. It is the first book in the Sam's Quest trilogy.

The book started off slow but once the quest began it moves along very quickly. Along the way Sam encounters many new characters. Some of these characters are friendly, like Kryton the crusty old dragonfly and others are not, like the evil Zogs and their leader Drogon.
I think that this book will appeal to girls, because the main character is a girl. Sam has flaws and insecurities just like every other girl, but she see herself in a different light after her quest.

Sam's Quest is written so that it will encourage the slow reader to keep going and finish the book because they will want to see what happens to Sam and her friends. The child who likes to read will want to read it because of the different challenges that Sam and her friends come across; as well as the different characters and the world that Furman has created.

My daughter has Sam 's Quest for the Crimson Crystal on her TBR list. She thinks it is cool that a girl is the main character. Maybe after she reads it I will put up her review on the blog.

Overall, I did like this book. I am looking forward to reading book two in the trilogy. The title of the book is Sam's Quest The Royal Trident. I will have a review up sometime in October.

About the Author:

During Mr. Furman's FBI career he worked counterterrorism, organized crime, bank robbery, extortion, and kidnapping. His is not a school marm's background that one might associate with writing young adult stories, but than , neither are Sam's fantastic journeys the stuff of coloring books. When Mr. Furman isn't writing, he fills his time painting, woodworking, and managing the Rexus Corporation, his private investigation company.
Happy Reading

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Strand Prophecy Book 1

Welcome to J.B.B.Winner's Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

The Strand Prophecy Book 1 by J.B.B. Winner is a young adult science fiction.

It is the story about Steve Cutter, who is a scientist. He makes a startling discover about how evolution is accelerating. He wants to protect the innocents so he uses his alter ego, The Strand, to inform the United States President. When that fails, he uses cell phones and the Internet to inform the world.

I found this book to be very exciting and thrilling. Liked I predicted in The Strand Prophecy/rescheduled review, I was unable to put it down. This was another book that made me stay up to late.

I found that Steve Cutter to be a complex character. Steve has a lot of emotional baggage that he carries with him. Because of these issues, he feels the need to help and protect the innocent especially his niece Anna. Hopefully we will see Steve come to terms with his past and as will with his future in the rest of the books in the series.

The authors created a great alternative universe. Everything they created seems to fit in their world. They have imagined some very terrifying creatures. It seems that every living thing that has evolved into something terrifying with the exception of a couple of living things. Hopefully we will see some more friendly and helpful creatures in future books. Everything can't evolve into something terrifying. Right?

This book has some strong female characters. As a mother of two girls, I like when books have females in a strong role. I enjoyed Anna and the twins Trib and Rose. They are all one tough cookie.

I can't wait for the next book Extinction Embrace Book II of The Strand Prophecy to come out . It is suppose to be release sometime in 2008.

Happy Reading

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sitting Swing

Welcome to Irene Watson's Pump Up Your Book Promotion Virtual Book Tour.

Synopsis of The Sitting Swing by Irene Watson:

Irene Watson's pretentious life could go no further until she faced her past. Her moving and inspiring memoir begins at the end, in a recovery center, where she has gone to understand a childhood fraught with abuse a, guild, and uncertainty.

Two distinct parts of the book look at abusive child rearing and the process of recovery years later. This story shows change, growth, and forgiveness are possible. It gives hope and freedom to those accepting the past and re-writing life scripts that have been passed down for generations. It's never too late to change your life, never too late to heal.

Irene Watson goes into rehab with a chip on her shoulder. She cannot see how this will help her. She states that she went to Avalon, the fictionalized name of the clinic, because all her friends were using terms and ideas that came form Avalon and she wanted to understand what they meant. But as time goes on and the counselors see through her bs and they help her deal with her past and how it influences her present.

Watson writes about how her family raised her especially her mom. Her mom was very overprotected. Irene was never out of her mom's sight and her mom made her feel incompetent when she attempted to do things to please her mom.

This was a story of one woman's journey in understanding who she was and how she got there. As well as the changes that she goes through to accept what happened to her and to find her happiness. As well as finding the strength to listen to herself as to what is important to her and doing it.

This was a thought provoking read. As I was reading about Irene Watson's life; I began to think about my life and the influences good and bad that shaped me into the person I am today.

I enjoyed reading about Watson's story of self-discovery. Parts of this book was sad and parts of it was funny. I feel that any one reading this book will get something out of it. I know I did.

About The Author:

Irene Watson holds a Master Degree in Psychology, with honors, from Regis University in Denver, CO. Her emphasis was spirituality and psychosynthesis. Irene's life has taken her on many paths, with breakthrough results and exemplar growth, to find her authentic and true self. She has designed and facilitated workshops and retreats in the United States and Canada. At present she is the managing Editor of her book review and author publicity company, Reader Views. She lives with her husband on the banks of Barton Creek in Austin, Texas along with their Pomeranian, Tafton, a rescued cat, Patches, and a rescued cockatiel, Clement.