Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

My favorite picture of Dr. Suess.

Today is Dr. Suess's Birthday. Celebrate by reading a book by Dr. Suess. If you go to it will give you more ideas on how to celebrate Dr. Suess's Birthday. You can also go to to learn more about Dr. Suess. He had a very interesting life.

My favorite fact about Dr. Suess (Ted Geisel) is that during WW II he worked for Frank Capra’s Signal Corps. During his time with the corp he made movies. He developed a cartoon character Private Snafu to help train the new recruits. He also won two academy awards for films that he developed in the corp: Your Job in Germany and Your Job in Japan few copies are left.

One last FYI Suess is his middle name, not made up and I thought Suess was made up.

What is your favorite Dr. Suess book? When I was young I loved The Cat in the Hat. As a preschool teacher I love Green Eggs and Ham. I basically know it by heart and when I read it to my class I can really act it out. Please comment on what is your favorite.

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess


Lezlie said...

I still have a copy of "Go, Dog, Go" that I treasure. I also loved "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and "Thidwick, the Big Hearted Moose." In fact, I still have a stuffed animal of Thidwick. Dr. Suess rules!


Pabast said...

I had a puppet Cat in the Hat, but wait it also talked. He was the best. "Go, Dog, Go" and "One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" are good as well. I forgot about "Hop on Pop" I liked the idea of hopping on Pop. I think I tried on my dad it did not go well. If I remember correctly "Hop on Pop" was on of the first books that I could read on my own.

You Gotta Love Dr. Suess. He is the man.