Friday, March 21, 2008

Two for One 3

Turbulence by Jessica Matthews is another book in the Code Red series. This time a team of emergency personnel leave Courage Bay, CA and got to Turning Point, TX to help the town when a Hurricane is about to hit.

This book focuses on firefighter Dana Ivie and Pilot Micky Flynn. They are sent to rescue a group of boy scouts. The find the boys and try to fly them to the hospital. The winds become to strong so they have to land the plane. Will Dana and Micky "have the courage to risk love?"

I did like reading this book. As this is a series there is a back story, but Jessica Matthews fills the reader in nicely if you had not read the previous book that relates to this book.

Hard Rain by Darlene Scalera is another book in the Code Red series. This time it is
about ER doctor Amy Sherwood who is from Courage Bay, CA and sheriff Jesse Boone who lives in Turning Point, TX.

Amy comes to Turning Point with three other colleagues to help the town out as the hurricane approches. She meets Jesse. He has the same name as her teenage love, who disappeared. Could this man be the father of her son?

This one was not one of my favorites. I felt that the ending was to quick. I felt that there should have been more development in the relationship between father and son, before the son accepted the father.

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