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Messiah Interviews:Belonging to God

Welcome to Jerry J. Pollock, PH.D's Pump Up Your Books Virtual Book Tour.


Ever since the Creation of Adam and Eve, man has grappled with knowing whether life exists after death. Because humans achieve the possible, while G-d accomplishes the impossible, only the Creator knows our fate and destiny at the End of Days. Scientist Jerry Pollock weaves his Messiah Interviews story of an imperfect life on Earth with an imaginative account of being interviewed in Heaven to be the Messiah. The writing becomes a testament to Divine morality, and to finding truth and sincerity in one’s heart.

As readers embark on a journey of knowledge and understanding, they’ll join Jerry on an exploration of the implications of biblical history on our modern world. Through a series of unexplainable events, Jerry empowers readers to decide if an additional personal spiritual effort is worth making in this life, in order to possibly gain entrance to an uncertain futuristic Garden of Eden, the Messianic Age. In a process of the dreamlike interviews with biblical personalities―the angel Gabriel, Methuselah, Chanoch, Seth, King David, Moses, Jacob, Abraham and the prophet Isaiah―Jerry is forced to bear his soul and his own hidden demons.

As human beings, we are all flawed. That’s how the Creator made us. During the course of reading the book, readers have the opportunity to ponder the improvement of their own imperfections, in order to meet the requirements set out in the Messiah Interviews for admission into a future blissful life at the End of Days. The book is G-d-centered and discusses, briefly or at length, various topics, including The Ten Commandments, Creation, Evolution, Good and Evil, Primal Therapy, Bipolar Disorder, Resurrection, Aging, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Monotheistic Religions, Third Temple, Messiah, and the Messianic Age.


The Archangel Michael is speaking in Heaven:

"We have deliberately chosen a sinner: you, Yoseph, who has knowingly cheated in science. Yet, you have publicly repented and confessed your sins to your Stony Brook University administration; and sent letters of apology to the former institutions that you attended. Moreover, you have expressed your heartfelt remorse and your sincere regrets for all of your sinful actions in your published book, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul, for all to see. We have intentionally chosen someone who has suffered horrifically, yet has the potential through his suffering to look inside and understand human nature. We also have especially not chosen a tzaddik, the wisest, most righteous, and perfect of men. We are testing the potential of a simple imperfect man. If you succeed in answering our questions, you will become King Messiah, and return to earth to take your place at the End of Days. If our assessment of you is that you are not the person, we had in mind, then we will have failed once again in finding the true Messiah.”


What an original concept for a book. I was very excited about the idea behind this book. I have to say that this book lived up to my expectations. This book was very thought provoking.

I enjoyed the interview process between Yoseph and the Great Biblical Leaders. I could see these great leaders saying and doing the things they did. They did not come off as fake but as true. They kept pushing Yoseph until they got him to see what they wanted him to see.

Since Yoseph is a scientist. He uses scientific concepts to prove what G-d has done. I kept saying to myself, Yes, this makes sense. As I said before, this is a very thought provoking book.

After reading this book, I learned a lot about Jewish history and their interpretation of the End of Days.

I am looking forward to reading Jerry Pollock's first book Divinely Inspired. If it is anything like the Messiah Interviews it should be a good and thought provoking read.


Jerry Pollock is the author of seventy-five scientific publications. His background includes both a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a Ph.D. in Biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and Postdoctoral training in Microbiology at the New York University School of Medicine. Dr. Pollock is currently Professor Emeritus in the Oral Biology and Pathology Department in the School of Dental Medicine at the State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island. Jerry’s first writer of the arts book, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul, was a spiritual memoir originally published in 2003. The second edition of Divinely Inspired will be reissued in Paperback on Jan. 1, 2009. His ‘not so fictional’ novel, Messiah Interviews: Belonging to God, due out also on Jan. 1, 2009, is Jerry’s way of giving back to the Creator. Jerry is married to Marcia, his bashert or destined one. They reside in Florida.

For more about Jerry and his work, please visit http://www.shechinahthirdtemple.org/

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rebel in Blue Jeans

Welcome to Beverly Stowe McClure's Pump Up Your Books Virtual Book Tour.


What’s a girl to do when her mother runs away with the drummer in a rock band, her friendly relationship with the boys on the neighboring ranch starts to change, and a handsome college guy takes an interest in her? Sixteen-year-old Rebel Ferguson faces these challenges with courage and humor and decides to do three things:
1. Bring her mother home where she belongs.
2. Show her neighbors, Will and Sully Garret, she’s not interested in a serious relationship with either of them.
3. Prove to the Garrets, and to herself, that Rick, the cute college guy, is a gentleman.

Nothing turns out the way Rebel plans, however, and she discovers that people are not always what they seem, and she’s a lousy judge of character. If only humans were as trustworthy and dependable as her puppies, cat, and horses. Can she forgive everyone who has disappointed her?


Chapter 1

Rebel Ferguson pulled the currycomb across the mare’s broad back. Fine specks of dust floated in the early morning air. A mockingbird sang outside the stables. A lump the size of a barn owl lodged in Rebel’s throat. How could the bird be so happy when her life had been shattered into millions of pieces? Don’t think about Mom, she told herself. Keep busy.

And she tried. She brushed and brushed Sunrise’s coat until the hair shimmered like a new copper penny. One by one–she counted them–she untangled three sharp burrs from the mare’s coarse mane.

The sudden vroom of a car engine rumbling to life made Rebel’s chest tighten. Even though the driveway was not visible from the stables, she darted to the stall door anyway and looked out the open top section. Rain lingered like teardrops on the red tile roof of the white stucco house nestled among mesquite and cottonwood trees a hundred yards away. Last night’s storm was past, at least the storm outside. The clouds had drifted east, leaving behind a clear blue sky.

But the storm between her parents was etched on Rebel’s heart forever. Oh, they never yelled or fought or said horrible things to each other. They were much too civilized for such childish behavior. Sometimes she wished they would. Anything would be better than the unbearable silence. Except for what had to be said, her parents simply stopped talking to one another. They were polite strangers, and she was caught in the middle, loving them both.

She listened to the hum of her mother’s Jaguar until it faded, leaving behind only the chatter of that annoying bird, the swishing sound of the mare’s tail as she swatted flies, and Rebel’s thoughts. Everyone said she was a carbon copy of her mother. She had the same smoky blue eyes, the same long dark hair, and the same slender build. But outward appearances could be deceiving. Their personalities were complete opposites. Liz Ferguson was a city girl who liked fancy dresses and parties and crowds. Rebel Ferguson was a country girl who preferred jeans, T-shirts, and a few close friends.


This book hit home with me. This happened to a friend of mine when I was a teenager. There were a lot of similarities between Rebel and my friend. They both were angry with their moms and trying to understand why their moms left their dads and them for someone else. Trying to think of ways in getting their parents back together. Having close friends to help cope with the loss of their moms. Though I don't think I was as funny as Rebel's friends, Will and Sully.

Will and Sully were very humorous. Their antics kept this book from being as serious as it could have been. But even with their humour, they still were able to talk and help Rebel cope with her mom leaving.

Both Will and Sully are very protected of Rebel. I just loved the interactions between Rick and Will. The interactions between those two were hilarious.

I felt that Rebel and her mom should have had more interactions, arguments between them. I felt that part of the book should have been fleshed out more.

I liked the idea and the concept behind the book. I wish my friend had this book when this happened to her. Maybe then she would not have been angry for so long. I do believe that if a teenager was experiencing this in their live that this book would help them to cope and understand with what has happened to their family.


Beverly S. McClure started her writing career early—though she approached it kicking and screaming—when her eighth-grade teacher sent her poem “Stars” to a high school anthology and it was published in Young America Sings. She graduated from Midwestern State University and became a teacher. As soon as she discovered Dr. Seuss and other great children’s stories, she willingly put pen to paper and had stories and articles published in Ladybug, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr., U. S. Kids, Jack and Jill and other leading children’s magazines, including an article that was reprinted in a Scott Foresman Pre-K anthology and a breakout article that appeared in the June 2007 issue of Writer magazine.

A multi-published author, Beverly’s Listen to the Ghost and Secrets I Have Kept are available in trade paperback. Her latest release is Rebel in Blue Jeans, and she has four more books under contract. A member of the National Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and their North Texas Chapter, Beverly is the mother of three grown boys and lives in the country with her husband, Jack, where an occasional deer, skunk, or armadillo come to visit.

For more about Beverly and her work, please visit http://beverlystowemcclure.wordpress.com/
Happy Reading

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Happy Tag

I've been tagged by Tena of Crazy Book Slut

So here are the rules:
Link to the person who has tagged you.
Write down six things that make you happy.
Post the rules, tag six others and let them know you did it.
Then tell the person when your entry is complete.

Six Things That Make Me Happy:
1. My daughters and Husband
2. Going on Vacation/traveling to different places

3. Chocolate
4. Reading
5. Computer Time
6. Listening to music

Now which six blogs should I Tag?

I hope all of the six blogs participate. I can't wait to read everyone' answer.

Happy Reading.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last Chance Cafe

After her step-father is killed in a home burglary, Hallie O'Rourke finds some information about her ex-husband that leads her to believe that he is involved in her step-father's death. After her ex-husbands tries to get the information from Hallie; she leaves Phoenix with her twin daughters in a hurry. Her truck breaks down in Primrose Creek, Nevada. Hallie and her daughters walk into The Last Chance Cafe where she meets Chance Qualtrough.

Chance decides to help Hallie and her daughters out. He offers a house sitting job to Hallie. She takes the position. Chance knows that Hallie is running from something but he is unable to figure it out. The closer Chance and Hallie gets the sparks begin to ignite.

3 stars: This was another good book from Linda Lael Miller. The Last Chance Cafe is about some of the ancestors from the sisters in the Primrose Creek series. Primrose Creek series takes place in the past and The Last Chance Cafe takes place in the present.

This was what I needed after reading the heavy book The Messiah Interviews. It was nice lite read. Chance is the typical cowboy hero and Hallie is the typical heroine in need. but Miller makes it works. This book held my attention until I finished it.

This book was made into movie starring Kevin Sarbo. I also watched the movie. If you have not guest I preferred the book. The book had so much more detail. I felt that the characters were more developed in the book. Overall, the book was much better.

If you want a fun lite read, this book is for you.
Happy Reading

Monday, January 5, 2009

Harlequin/Silhouette Book Covers

If you like Harlequins/Silhouette this post is for you.

My mom came up and gave me some books. That is nothing new. She does this every time she visits me. This time she gave mostly Harlequins/Silhouette. And of those they are old school. OK from the late eighties and nineties. At first I thought they were the books that I read when I was in my twenties. I looked again and they are mostly from the local used bookstore. The covers are the best part. And the sad thing is out of all the books that I got, I cannot use any for the Harlequin/Silhouette Challenge. Here are a select few. The covers below go from 1979-1997.

Even though this one is not a Harlequin/Silhouette. It still is a romance. Look at that cover. Talk about racy. This cover was printed in 1992. I think some of the covers of today are much tamer. Even the erotica covers seem a little tame then this one. I just love it. This is my favorite cover of all the books that I got from my mom. All I can think of when I see this cover is Ride 'em Cowboy. Is that bad or what?

If you want to see the rest of the books that I got, you can visit my shelf on Shelfari, Pabast Shelf Once you get there, click on own and you can see the books.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

HIstorical Fiction Challenge 2009

This year the Historical Fiction Challenge is being hosted by Royal Reviews.

Here are the Guidelines set by Royal Reviews:

Read 3 historical fiction books in 3 months from 1st Jan 09 - 31st March 09.
Historical fiction will be counted as anything set or written prior to World War II. This will include classic novels, time travel novels or anything you feel fits the genre.

For an extra bit of fun, you can choose to participate in one of the following themes:

The Royal Twist - Read 3 based on or inspired by 3 different royals. Emporers, Queens, Kings whatever inspires you!

The Twilight Twist - Read a selection of 3 of the classic novels that inspired the Twilight Saga. There's Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte or A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.

I will try to go do The Royal Twist. My three books are as follows:

1. The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir
2. Victoria Victorious by Jean Plaidy
3. Mary, Queen of Scotland by Margaret George.

As you know from the previous post; these three books are the three that I did not read for the Historical Challenge 2008. Hopefully, I will finish the challenge this year.

Happy Reading

2008 Challenge Wrap Up

I just want to say that I am sorry that I have not posted lately. In month of December I was reading every chance I got so that I could reach my goal of 100 books in 2008. So that meant no posting on my blog. Then when I reached my goal, other things kept me from posting. But here is the first post of 2008. Just an FYI 2008 was my first year in participating in book challenges.

Reading challenges in 2008.

Decades in 08 Challenge: Did not complete. 0/8 One of the reasons I joined this challenge was I wanted to expanded my reading choices. I did start The Mysterious Island, but other things got in the way and I never went back. So stick with what I like.

100 + book Challenge: Completed 100/100 I did it, but it took a lot of effort. Once you get thrown off your reading pace; it takes a lot to get back on track.

2008 TBR Challenge: Did not complete. I did better 9/12 I started out great. I was reading two to three books a month for the first three months and then I discovered Pump Up Your Book Promotions and started to read review books. Instead of reading one book a month for PUYBP, which is what I planed. I began reading 2-4 books a month. So I slowed down way down.

Royalty Rules Challenge: Completed 4/4 Yeah, My first completed challenge in 2008. I love must love those kings and queens. OK mostly queens.

Historical Fiction Challenge: Did not complete 3/6 I am not sure why, I did not finish this one. Maybe too many books to read. But I think, I will bring the three that I did not read over to the 2009 Challenge. Know I just have to sign up.

Daring Girl Challenge: 1/9 I still have time to complete it. The ending date is July 15, 2009. The book I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. Let's keep our fingers cross that I can complete this challenge.

July Book Blowout: Completed My personal reading goal for the month of July was 10 books and I completed that goal. It help get my on track for the 100 + Book Challenge. Let me tell you I needed it.

So out of the 6 challenges that I planned to do in 2008. I completed 3. Let us hope, I can do better than 50 percent in 2009

I think that is it for the 2008 Challenge Wrap Up

Happy New Year and Happy Reading.