Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Poetry of Murder

Welcome to Bernadette Steele's Virtual Book Tour. I am pleased to review The Poetry of Murder.

The Poetry of Murder by Bernadette Steele is about Poet Geneva Anderson. Geneva's Aunt is found murdered in her office. Geneva is shocked to find that she inherited millions from her Aunt.

In the their hurry to solve the crime, police arrest Geneva. In order to prove her innocence Geneva investigates the murder of her Aunt and in the process reveals secrets that have been hidden.

The book opens with the murder of Victoria, Geneva's Aunt. Geneva Anderson has finished writing some poems. She goes to Victoria's office. She finds the door to the office open. She goes in with her friend Zain and finds her aunt covered in blood.

I enjoyed this book I found it very entertaining. I was unable to put it down until I finished it. I liked how the other characters were part of the story, but yet had their own background story line.

It was nice to see Geneva become more self-confident, stronger ,and sure of herself as she worked towards solving the murder of her Aunt. I hope to see this continue as the series develops.

The Poetry of Murder is the first book in the Geneva Anderson series. It is set in Chicago. She incorporates the International House at the University of Chicago into the story by having Geneva live there. This setting gives many opportunities for Geneva and her friends to met different people and encounter a variety of situations for a continuing series. As this series develops, I look forward to see how Ms. Steele incorporates the psychotherapist, Dr. Zimmerman and Inspector Peterson into the other books of this developing series. I also look forward to see Ms. Steele grow and develop as a writer.

About The Author: (from her website)

Determined, personable, and imaginative are the words used to describe, Bernadette Steele. Throughout her life, Bernadette has used her persistent nature and quiet strength to navigate the hills and valleys of life.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Bernadette moved into the International House at the University of Chicago in 2004. The multicultural environment and gothic architecture of I-House and the U of C campus inspired her to write her first murder mystery novel, The Poetry of Murder (Oak Tree Press, February 2008).

Due to a difficult childhood, Bernadette did not finish the sixth grade and never attended high school. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1993 and her Master of Science degree in Technical Communication and Information Design from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in 2003. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD in Technical Communication at IIT and has an expected graduation date of 2010. She plans to pursue a career in academia.


Bernadette Steele said...


Thank you for the review and for having your site be a stop on my virtual book tour.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the book.

Bernadette Steele

Pabast said...

Ms Steele,

I can't wait for more books in the Geneva Anderson series. I am hooked.