Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Courts of Love

I finished The Courts of Love by Jean Plaidy. I read this book for the Royalty Rules Challenge and TBR Challenge.

Plaidy weaves fiction and history very well. When I looked up the people that are mentioned in this book; I found that Plaidy kept true to history. Eleanor lived a very interesting life. She was married to two kings, the King of France and the King of England. She went on a crusade with her first husband, the King of France. She was the mother of two Kings, King Richard and King John of England.

The first part of the book focuses on the many adventures that she went on. Her relationships with her two husbands. Her thoughts and feelings as to what was happening to her. She comes off as a selfish and self-centered person. She is right and everyone is wrong. I did not like her.

The second part of the book focuses on her children esp. her two sons Richard and John. She is telling their story. Her thoughts and feelings were about what was happen to her sons Richard and John. As the focus of the book changes I started to like her. I saw her as a strong, take charge woman. She was able to handle whatever comes her way.
Jean Plaidy did not let me down. I did enjoy this book. I was pulled into Eleanor's life. I was involved with court and political intrigue with her. Somethings she did I respected her for, others I was like why?
If you like historical fiction you will like this book.


Lezlie said...

Long time, no talk to! :-)

I didn't like Eleanor in this book either. I did end with a certain respect for her, but I can't say I liked her. I did, however, like the book a lot!


Pabast said...

Even though I enjoyed the book I did find it hard to write a review for this book. I am unclear as to why.