Monday, April 14, 2008

National Library Week

This is week is National Library Week. I did not realize it until I read an email from Dearreader. She was suggesting email your Librarian and tell her or him thank you. I am trying to find the email for Chicago Public Library esp. our favorite branch, Bezazian. So if you get the chance Thank your Librarian for what they do. Check out this video Go Fish on the American Library website.
I love our children's Librarians. They are very helpful. When I need books for my preschool class they help find the ones that relate to my theme. They plan wonderful programs for the children that they serve. Their summer reading programs are awesome. Both of my children love to go to their events. My eldest daughter participates in their preteen book club. Our children's Librarians at Bezazian branch are AWESOME. When we moved we were very sad to leave them behind. It is not the same going to the other libraries that are close to our new apt. My eldest daughter is lucky that she can still visit Bezazian after school. I am still at work when my husband picks her up.
Do you have a favorite librarian? Please tell everyone about her/him in the comments. Remember to tell why he/she is your favorite. Are maybe you can tell everyone why your library is great. I hope to read some wonderful comments.
Thank your Librarian today.

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