Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cup of Clay

Cup of Clay By Carole Nelson Douglas is Book 1 of the Taliswoman. I could not put this book down. When I was at work I kept thinking about it.

This is a story about Alison Carver. She finds herself in another land called Veil. She inadvertently wins the Cup of Earth by song. By winning this talisman, she becomes the taliswoman. Her guide to Veil is Rowan. He was suppose to win the cup. They journey on to Rowan's home of Desmeyne. As they journey together, Alison learns many things and Rowan's thinking is challenged.

I loved that Alison was such a strong women. She stood up for herself. She did not need the hero to take care of her. A nice science fantasy book, I just loved it. I had to start Book 2 right away. I am looking forward to more of Alison adventures in Veil

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