Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Seed Upon the Wind

Seed upon the Wind by Carole Nelson Douglas is book 2 of the taliswomen. I enjoyed this book as well.
Alison sees a man with flaming red hair that remains her of Rowan. She sees that as sign that it is time to return to Veil. She has been absence from Veil for about 6 months. Veil time about a year, she returns just in time for the wellsinging the competation for attaining the cup.
She finds that alot has changed since her last visit. She is unable to decide if the changes are for the better.
I hope that Book 3 comes out soon but this qoute is from her web site.
"Many of you have been asking about when the third Taliswoman book will come out.That's not my decision, but rather whether the publisher will want to bring it out.
There has been some discussion of this in the past year, and the possibility of my writing the third book hasn't been ruled out. It depends on the state of the publishing business, which is pretty sickly right now"
I hope that the publishers decides on Book 3 cause I have some unanswered questions and I would like to see this story continue.

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