Monday, August 31, 2009

Mailbox Monday Aug 31

I have not participated in Mailbox Monday in awhile. One reason is that I have not been getting books in the mail and another was finding time to blog. I am trying to do better, but we will see.

I have gotten three books from giveaways.
*Reckless by Selena Montgomery
*Silver and Gold by David Sakmyster
*The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

I also have three books for review.
*Emily the Chickadee by Carol Zelaya (a children's book)
*Silk Flowers Never Die by Stella Mazzucchelli
*Daughters of Narcissus by Lady Colin Campbell

Marcia over at The Printed Page is sponsoring this weekly event.

Happy Reading


Anna said...

The White Queen sounds really good. Enjoy your new books. My mailbox post is here.

Diary of an Eccentric

Kristen howe said...

What's the mailbox post all about? Books you've won or brought online? Sounds neat. Nice blog. Happy reading.

Pabast said...

Hey girl. It is both. You write about whatever books you get in the mail. Ones you won, ones you bought, ones you doing for review. It does not matter as long as it is about books.

Anna, I am loving The White Queen. It definitly one of Gregory's better books.

Kristen howe said...

Thanks Anna. Well I won Anna De Stefano's Dark Legacy last week. That's my 4th Twitter contest win.

Kristen howe said...

OOps I meant Lissa and not Anna.

Pabast said...

Congrads on your Twitter contest wins. Dark Legacy seems like a good read.

Ladytink_534 said...

I haven't read Gregory in a while. I hope you enjoy your new books!