Sunday, September 13, 2009

The White Queen

I orignially wrote this review for W&M Sneak peak program. I am not sure if they used it, but since this is my blog I am going to use it. So here it is.
I have found that when I have read a book by Philippa Gregory; the book is either a hit or a miss. The White Queen is a hit.

The White Queen is set in England during the last years of the War of The Roses. This is a tale about Elizabeth Woodville from the House of Lancaster and King Edward IV from the House of York. How they met, feel in love, the events that occurred during their marriage and the events that happen after King Edward IV dies.

This historical fiction about Elizabeth Woodville is a fantastic read. I was drawn into her story from the very beginning. Elizabeth is a complicated character. There were times when I felt sorry for Elizabeth and times when she made me angry.

Gregory incorporates witchcraft and magic into Elizabeth’s story. Elizabeth and her mother have some magical powers which they use to help their cause. Gregory ties in the Melusina, a water fairy myth very well. This myth helps explain how Elizabeth and her mother have their magical powers.

Elizabeth Woodville is the mother of the Princes in the Tower, Prince Edward and Prince Richard. Gregory puts forth a plausible theory about what happened to The Princes in the Tower. Since no one knows for sure what happened to the Princes, her theory could be true.

For your Tudor fans out there, Elizabeth Woodville is the Grandmother of Henry VIII. So I believe that you will find this a nice addition to your Tudor reading.

I am looking forward to the other two books in this series. If you like your historical fiction to be about royalty, intrigue, and conspiracy then this book is for you. 4 and half stars.
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Tena said...

I can't wait till it is my turn to get this book at the library

Pabast said...

I hope you get your turn soon. I think you will find it enjoyable.