Monday, August 3, 2009

Mini-Reviews Romances

Husband in Training by Christine Rimmer

From Back Cover: Beautiful widow Jenny Brown had gotten used to having ruggedly handsome Nick DeSalvo, her late husband's best buddy, around-as a friend. Until one day he resented Jenny with a strange request. I seemed that the original single guy was bound and determined to become...a family man! And he needed her help in learning what every woman desired....

Well, single mother Jenny wanted no part in giving husband lessons-but her young daughter Polly had other ideas. Soon old friend Nick was constantly underfoot-where is mouthwatering muscles and sexy grin began driving Jenny crazy.... and making her see the budding bridegroom in more than just a friendly light...

A nice sweet romance. It did have its funny moments, but not enough. This book had potential to be a very humorous read. I felt that the daughter was reading material that a 13 year old girl would not read, maybe it would be better if the daughter was older 15-16. I don't see a 13 year old girl reading Cosmo. It just bothered me. 3 Stars

Singl-Dad Sheriff by Amy Frazier
From the Back Cover: There are only two things Brett McQuire cares about:
raising his son and keeping the law in Applegate, North Carolina. Then Samantha Weston moves to town, stirring up the locals and putting him to the test.... as a cop, a father, and a man.

He's pretty darn sure the alluring llama trekker isn't who she seems. But once he uncovers the secret that's got her on the run, can he keep
Samantha-the woman he wants more than anything to stay-from fleeing yet again?

This was the better book of the two. The characters were more believable. I
thought that the 12 year old boy acted like a 12 year old child. This book brought you in right from the very beginning. It was hard to put down. A good read. I definitely would read another book by Amy Frazier. 4 Stars

I read these books for the Harlequin/Silhouette Challenge. New to me author Amy Frazier and a book husband, wife,etc in the title, Husband in Training.

Happy Reading

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