Monday, March 23, 2009

Writer's Block Mini Reviews

I have two reviews that I want to write but every time I get started I just stare at the computer and the books. Trying to figure out what to say about these books. I enjoyed these two books but I can't think of what to say. Maybe because I waited to long between reading and writing the review.

Once Upon a Valentine's by Holly Jacobs is one of the books. I loved it. This was the final book in the American Dads trilogy. It is about Carly Lewis and Charles "Chuck" Jefferson. Every time I begin I just draw a blank. I want to do justice to this book, but I don't know what to say. I do wish that Jacobs writes about Judge Anderson Bradley. He needs to find his heroine. I hope that it will be Heidi, President of the Erie Elementary PTA. If not I hope that Heidi gets her own story.

Nothing Personal by Eileen Dreyer is the other. This was a hospital serial killer mystery. Again it was a good book. I do recommend it if you like these kind of books. It kept me guessing until the end. Again I want to say more but I don't know what to say.

I gave them both 4 stars.

I guess I gave them mini reviews. If you like Harlequin Romances, I think you would like Once Upon a Valentine's. If suspense is your choice you will be enthralled with Nothing Personal.
Well I hope my writer's block mini reviews do justice to these two different but wonderful books.
Happy Reading

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Maybe the mini reviews will break that block!