Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Do You Write Reviews?

I am just wondering how other book review bloggers write their reviews. This idea accord to me while I was suffering form my writers block. Do you take notes as you read along or wait until you finish the book?

I wait until I finish the book. Then I will write my review. But there is were the problem lays. If I tend to wait to long it is harder to write reviews. So I try to write my ideas on paper before I write them on the blog. Buuuut you guest it, I don't do it all the time. I usually will do this process when I am doing a review book. I try to finish the book before the day the review is up soooo if I wait to long I will forget what I want to say.

Also do you write your review first on paper or on the computer? I tend to do both. If I write it on paper I always make changes when I start to rewrite it on my blog.

So which one do you do, take notes or wait?


Beth F said...

I sometimes take notes when I'm reading, but I always jot down my thoughts and notes right away after I've finished a book.

I prefer to write my review within 24 hours of finishing the book. I write the review on screen and usually let it sit a day or so before I post it -- that way I have time to tweak it or rewrite it.

Kaye said...

I tend to write it on the computer is some semblance of an outline and then try to flesh it out. I do take notes, 'cuz honey, I am old and forget stuff very very quickly!

Kara said...

I write my reviews after I read the book. Every now and then, it a particular "quote" stands out - I will jot that down as I am reading.

But, like you, if I wait too long after reading the book - it is harder to write the review. I definitely can't read another book before writing the review on the first one - too much confusion.

I usually just type it up on the post - don't write it down first. But I do save it as a draft and then go back and make some changes before posting it.

Yvonne said...

I write the reviews when I'm finished. If I take notes while I'm reading, it tends to distract me. I like to write the reviews as soon as I finish reading a book while it's still fresh in my mind and preferably before I start the next book.

Recently I went on vacation and now I'm trying to write the reviews after the fact. It's harder for me to wait. I'm better at reviewing if I do the reviews immediately.

Pabast said...

Everyone thanks for commentting.

I know that I am going to try and do better on writing my reviews as quickly as possible. So that the review will be easier to write.

Alaine said...

I usually write my reviews on my computer as soon as I've finished the book and before I start the next one, otherwise I find it too hard.

Blodeuedd said...

Just came across your blog :)

I tend to just sit down and write on the computer what ever comes in mind. I want the feelings from the book to be fresh

Ali said...

Interesting question, I liked reading everyone's answers. Me, I mark pages while I'm reading. Once I've finished the book and am ready to write my review, I go back and reread the marked pages to remind myself what I wanted to write about. Even if it's been a week or two, that brings it all back. I also try to read at least 2-3 (sometimes as many as a dozen!) other reviews, including at least one professional one, before I start writing.

When I'm writing fiction, I always use paper first then edit as I enter it into the computer, but I don't do that with blogging very often.