Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Lost Diary Of Don Juan

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This is a story about how Don Juan, the world's greatest lover learns about true love. The Lost Diary of Don Juan by Douglas Carlton Abrams is a historical fiction set in Seville, Spain during the Inquisition.

Don Juan is given a diary by his mentor Don Pedro the Marquis de la Mota. Don Juan begins to reflect on his past and how he became a libertine. Don Juan writes about how he was a orphan and raised by nuns until he got caught with his first lover. He then went to live in a monastery, but after a severe beating he left. He runs to Seville were he learns to be a burglar. He then meets the Marquis. The Marquis trains him to be a spy and then a libertine. He finally encounters his most challenge adventure; learning that he can love just one woman.

There are sex scenes, but they were not what I expected. Considering this is about the world's greatest lover the sex scenes were very tame. I have read worse in romance novels.

Don Juan is a very charming and likable character. He has learned not to talk about the women he sleeps with. For a libertine he does have his ethics. He keeps their secret. He also has learned to appreciated beauty in all women.

Abrams writing style is easy to read. When he writes about the Inquisition and the torture we experience it. The final fight scene is very intense and visual. Abrams has some surprises that are not reveled until the end and I did not see them coming. I like that, unpredictable.

I discovered this book last year. After reading about it on the website I wanted to read it. Thanks to Pump Up Your Book Promotions, I got the opportunity. I am glad to say that The Lost Diary of Don Juan lived up to my expectations.

Overall, I found The Lost Diary of Don Juan to be entertaining. If you are looking for a fun quick read this is the book for you.

About the Author:

Douglas Carlton Abrams is a former editor and the coauthor of a number of books on love, sexuality and spirituality. This novel, his first, has been published in twenty-eight languages. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with his wife and three children.