Thursday, September 11, 2008

Left To Die

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This is a rescheduled review of Left to Die by Lisa Jackson.

A Serial Killer was loose in Grizzly Falls, Montana. Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli wanted a career making case, but not this case. After four murders, they have nothing to go on; but the killer's mysterious notes. That he leaves with the bodies.

The Serial Killer has a mission. To be successful woman must die. He believes that he is smarter than the police. They can not see his vision, but in time they will.

Jillian Rivers is trapped in her wrecked car. Then a stranger pulls her free. He says his name is Zane MacGregor a trail guide. Is he friend or foe?

There are three story lines in this book. There is the Serial Killer's, the police detective's who are trying to solve this case and their personal lives, and Jullian's story.

Regan Pescoli personal life is very complicated. She has two children and an ex-husband who has remarried. Her daughter thinks that he is the cooler parent and her step mom is great. Her son wanted nothing to do with him, because he is not his father. But when he gets into trouble and his mom gets tough. He runs to his step-dad. She has to deal with all of this and still find out who the serial killer is. I am glad that we get to know more about her in the sequel to Left To Day, Chosen To Die. Chosen To Die will be released in August 2009

I liked that we get to peak into the Serial Killer's mind. It was chilling that we get to hear his thoughts and what he thinks of his destiny.

Jillian's story is interesting as well. She left Seattle to find if her first husband was still alive. As she is driving down a snow covered road. Her tires are shot out and she goes off the road, down a ridge. Has she been saved only to die later?

The ending is unexpected.
It took a while for me to get into the book, but once I did I liked it. I must be weird, but for me the best part was when we were in the Serial Killer's mind.

This book is a suspenseful thriller with some romance thrown in. Give this book a chance. Once you get past the first part of the book, you should become intrigued to see what happens in the end.

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Callista said...

In general I like those kinds of books but this one sounded a little confusing from your review. You didn't really say how much you liked it. You should consider using some kind of star or rating system.

Off to check out the rest of your blog...

Pabast said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I have been toying with some type of rating system. But have not come up with anything I like. I don't feel that stars tell the whole story.

In general I did not like the first part of the book. It was slow and boring. Once I hit the second part of the book it became better. So if I had to give it stars I would say 3. I will read the sequel because their are some unresolved questions and issues that I hope will be answered and resolved in the sequel.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of my blog.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've heard several great reviews for this book and the trailer for it looks good too. I'm really thinking of picking it up soon!

I can't figure out a rating system I like either so I don't bother with it :)