Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two For One 4

Here is another two reviews for the price of one.

Mothers of the Year

This book has three stories about women who "come to motherhood in her own way."

From the Backcover:
In Mommy for Rent by Lori Handeland, A Rent-a Mommy job for the Mother's Day Picnic turns into the real thing.
In Along Came a Daughter by Rebecca Winters, a daughter goes to work for her dream mom... and them has to wait for her dad to fall in love.
In Baby Steps by Anna DeStefano, it takes a troubled little boy to help a woman take baby steps towarda loving future with her husband.

I read this book because Lori Handeland had an excerpt on her web site. I wanted to know what happened. So I went to my local Borders and bought it. I loved Mommy for Rent. You felt for the little girl in this story.

I also loved Along Came A Daughter. The dad was jealous of the relationship that was developing between his daughter and her boss. A very cute story.

I felt that Baby Steps should have been a full length novel. I felt that the story was very quick towards it resolution. I would have liked to have a longer story so that relationships between the boy and the woman could have develop slower and incorporate the relationship between her husband and the boy. I think it would have been more meaningful. I just wanted to more out of this story.

The Family Plan:

The Family Plan by Cathy McDavid is about Jolyn Sutherland, her career in show-riding is over because of a fall from a horse and Chase Raintree the local vet. Chase is the father of a eight year old girl, Mandy. Jolyn's brother had an affair with Chase's wife. Jolyn's mother suspects that Chase is not the biological father of Mandy.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a nice light quick read.

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