Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Matchmaker's Marriage

The Matchmaker's Marriage by Meg Alexander is about Amy Wentworth and Sir James Richmond. Amy decides to befriend a Miss Charlotte Skelmersdale after seeing Charlotte's mom berate her in public. Amy then decides that Charlotte needs to find a strong husband to deal with her Mother. Amy believes that James would be the ideal candidate.

James invites Charlotte and Amy to go on an archaeology dig with Sir William Linden. So they go off to an old manor house to see what they can find. Amy is unable to see the relationship that is developing between Charlotte and Sir William. But at the last minute she realizes that she loves James. Can she make James see that they were meant for each other or is she to late.

When I saw the title I thought it was about a true matchmaker and how she finds her true love. But it is about a young girl doing what she is thinks is right unaware of the consequences. It reminded me of Jane Austin's Emma. A young girl playing matchmaker and not seeing what is front of her.

It was so obvious that there was an attraction developing between Charlotte and Sir Williams. Amy is so wrapped up in her plans of matchmaking that she is unable to see it. There were times that I wanted to shake Amy and tell her to wake up and see what is happening around her.

I wish there could have been more of the character The Countess, the wife of the archaeology party's host the Earl of Laverstoke. Their polite disagreements were great. I would have liked to see more of Amy putting The Countess in her place and The Countess's come backs.

Overall I did enjoy the book.

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