Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tag, You're It

Desert Rose from Desert Rose BookLogue tagged me with a photo tag.

The rules are simple.
1. Find your 5th photo file folder,then the 5th photo in that file folder.
2. Post that picture on your blog.
3. Tag 5 others to do the same.
that's it!!

Here is my picture:

These are Dwarf Hamsters. The picture came from my folder labeled displays. I used this picture as well as others with my two year old classroom. We were having a discussion about pets. One of the reasons I used it with my twos, is because we have a Dwarf Hamster in my classroom. His name is Smoky. Of course he is much cuter.

I will tag

1. Ladytink_534 at Up Close and Personal with Ladytink

2. Tena at Punky Monkey's

3. MaryinHB at Books Gardens and Dogs

4. Evy at Evy's Harlequin Presents

5. Lezlie at Books 'N Border Collies


Lezlie said...

Cute! Let me go out on this computer and see what I find! :-)


Ladytink_534 said...

These are cute!!! I'd like another hamster (I had one or two growing up) but my cat (which is my tagged pic) would enjoy that a little too much.

Tena said...

thanks for the tag, I will get on this ASAP!!