Monday, January 19, 2009

The Last Chance Cafe

After her step-father is killed in a home burglary, Hallie O'Rourke finds some information about her ex-husband that leads her to believe that he is involved in her step-father's death. After her ex-husbands tries to get the information from Hallie; she leaves Phoenix with her twin daughters in a hurry. Her truck breaks down in Primrose Creek, Nevada. Hallie and her daughters walk into The Last Chance Cafe where she meets Chance Qualtrough.

Chance decides to help Hallie and her daughters out. He offers a house sitting job to Hallie. She takes the position. Chance knows that Hallie is running from something but he is unable to figure it out. The closer Chance and Hallie gets the sparks begin to ignite.

3 stars: This was another good book from Linda Lael Miller. The Last Chance Cafe is about some of the ancestors from the sisters in the Primrose Creek series. Primrose Creek series takes place in the past and The Last Chance Cafe takes place in the present.

This was what I needed after reading the heavy book The Messiah Interviews. It was nice lite read. Chance is the typical cowboy hero and Hallie is the typical heroine in need. but Miller makes it works. This book held my attention until I finished it.

This book was made into movie starring Kevin Sarbo. I also watched the movie. If you have not guest I preferred the book. The book had so much more detail. I felt that the characters were more developed in the book. Overall, the book was much better.

If you want a fun lite read, this book is for you.
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Tena said...

always looking for lite reads, will look into this one.

P.s If you are in to them, I tagged you over on my book blog