Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seal Island

Seal Island by Kate Brallier is #7 for the TBR Challenge.

Cecil Hargrave just lost her job to downsizing. She is not sure what to do with her life. She then finds out that she has inherited a house and a business in Seal Island, Maine. She decides to spend the summer there so she can figure out what do to with her life.

She is drawn into island life. She starts to open up to the people who would become her friends. For the first time she has not one love interest, but three: Richard nice and amiable, Tom the sexy lobsterman and Ronan a handsome uneducated drifter. Which man will she choose?

This book started out slow but it kept my interest because my mom told me that it involved the legend of Selkies, seals who can become human. So I kept reading to see where the selkies fit into this story. I am glad that I did. Just as Cecil was drawn into island life I was drawn into this book. I loved seeing Cecil blossom into a confident girl with lots of people who care about her. I enjoyed the why her relationship developed with the men in her life. How she had to figure out who the right one was and how to handle getting out of the wrong relationship into the right one. To find out who she chose and how the selkies are involved you have to read this book.
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Anonymous said...

I really love this book cover!

Pabast said...

The book cover is nice.