Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Gnostic Mystery

From the Back Cover:
Jack Stanton, an American businessman, makes a pilgrimage to war-torn Israel in hopes of rekindling his Christian faith. While traveling with his friend Punjeeh, an ER Doctor from Jerusalem, Jack acquires an ancient scroll written by the Gnostics, a mystical group of early Christians-and his spiritual quest takes an unexpected turn. The scroll makes the startling claims that the Gnostics were the original followers of Jesus, and that they retained secret knowledge of Jesus that was not included in the Bible.

With the help of the ingenious Chloe Eisenberg, a professor of philosophy and religion, Jack and Punjeeh navigate the dangerous terrain of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in an attempt to decipher the puzzle of the scroll and bring the Gnostics' revelations about Jesus to light.

Threaded with the searing realities of today's Middle East, The Gnostic Mystery is packed with historical facts about the Christian Religion.

The Thrilling mystery makes a compelling case that the origins of Christianity are far different from what we believed...until now.

My Review:
I found this book very interesting. A lot of the facts that he presented I was aware of and I also learned some new facts. He presents his theory about the origins of Christianity in a very easy readable way. I was thinking he should have written this as a non-fiction instead of fiction because his writing style is very simple, making a complex theory easy to understand.

This is not a Da Vinci Code type mystery as it is presented on the cover. It is a fiction book that explains what Gnosticism is and presents Davila's theory of the origins of Christianity. The plot and characters are secondary to Davila's theory and explanations of Gnosticism. Again he should have written a nonfiction book containing these ideas.

Some people will find his ideas upsetting and anti-Christianity. Other people will find them thought provoking and interesting.

If you have read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, you may find some similar concepts that relate to the ego; I think that would have been a better comparison than to the Da Vinci Code.

If you are a devote Christian and Catholic this book is not for you, but if you are open to controversial ideas that challenge your belief system than this book is for you.

I give this book 3 stars because it did not live up to being what they were promoting it as, The Da Vinci Code-esque mystery.

Happy Reading.

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