Tuesday, October 21, 2008

American Quest

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American Quest is a rousing contemporary novel filled with unforgettable characters, passionate relationships, dazzling magic and epic drama. It is the premiere of a quartet of novels that will capture your imagination and your heart.

Two supernatural forces - the benign Auxilium and the malevolent Pravus - are attempting to affect the balance of life on Earth. The mission of the Auxilium is to aid humanity in its quest to make the most of itself. Its "angels," a consortium of entities that work for a common purpose, offer various forms of assistance and protection, but cannot fight our battles for us.

The mission of the Pravus, however, is to destroy all that is good in humanity. Its "demons," led by an oligarchy of supreme despots known as Macul, regularly interfere in the affairs of man, actively seeking to undermine humanity's nobility and pursuit of enlightenment and evolution. For each of our noblest qualities, a Macul leads a team of lesser Pravus to destroy it.

For the most part, the opposing forces balance each other out. Occasionally, though, the stakes rise to a new level when a person imbued with extreme potential unites with another person of extreme potential. When a match of this sort occurs, humanity gains the opportunity to make major leaps - unless a Macul can subvert it. If the Macul succeeds, it will gain so much power that the entire world - humans, Auxilium, and all other Pravus alike - will become its plaything.

American Quest is the story of two lovers, Bruce and Gloria, whose intense passion for life and for each other has made them unwitting pawns in this cosmic battle. Enervata, the Macul who opposes romantic love, captures Gloria. To save her, Bruce must embark on a quest across America, armed with only the scantest of clues, to collect the Four Pillars of Humanity before he can battle the enormously powerful demon.

Several people join him on his quest, including his best friend, a rocker, a stand-up comedienne, a little old Italian lady, an old-beyond-her-years child, and a strangely visionary fortuneteller. The questers face challenges from Enervata's minions at every turn and struggle mightily in their quest to uncover the Pillars...all the while unsure of Gloria's fate.

At once a spirit-stirring fantasy, a moving love story, and an endearing tale of friendship and sacrifice, American Quest introduces a wonderful new storyteller to the public and presents us with a thrilling new vision of our world.

I had a hard time getting into this book, but I kept reading and it became better. I found the interactions between Gloria and the evil dark spirit Enervata unbelievable to me. They did not connect with me. I did not feel a bond with these two characters.

That said I will say that I found the quest that Bruce had to gone to find the four pillars of humanity to be thrilling. I was drawn in the search and battle for the pillars. I was intrigued about how Bruce was going to find the pillars and save Gloria. Of course this leads up to the final battle; where Bruce has to save Gloria and thus the world. I did like the intensity of the final battle.

American Quest is the first of four books in a series by Sienna Skyy. The next book in the series is Otherworld Quest.

New Publishing House:The Story Plant:
American Quest is the first novel published by the new publishing house The Story Plant. This new publishing house was greeted with excitement within the publishing and writing communities. Seen as a fresh approach to discovering new talent at a time when many houses area reducing the number of titles they publish, it's also the start of a unique partnership focused on nurturing authors from the grouping up. The Story Plan is founded by Peter Miller and Lou Aronica.

About the Author:
Sienna Skyy comes from a long line of storytellers, and from the moment she learned to speak she began telling tales of her own, many of which were reflections of the beautiful city where she lived. She got her start by exploring lyricism in the form of song, and was inspired the combination of literary fantasy and rock music that was prevalent in her early years. (Nowadays they call it classic rock.) She believes that art and music and literature are different forms of the same wonderful thing. She also believes that knights exist today though they’ve stopped wearing shining armor, and that magic is waiting just beyond the surface of the things we see. Sienna Skyy lives in Gotham City, and is surrounded by animals, of both the human and non-human variety. She is currently working on the next novel, Otherworld Quest.


Margay said...

This sounds like such an innovative book. I can't wait to read it!

Pabast said...

Let me know when you read it. I would like to know what you thought about Gloria and Enervata. I had a hard time with their interaction.


April said...

Great review! I read this one a while back for the tour and liked it. I will be anxious to read the next in the series!