Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Book reviews

A Regency Christmas contains 5 short stories related to Christmas. My favorite story was "Three Good Deeds" by Barbara Metzger. It is about 3 boys who try to do three good deeds to make up for breaking a window in church.

A Victorian Christmas is another book that contains 5short stories related to Christmas.My favorite out of this book was "The Black Beast of Belleterre" By Mary Jo Putney. It is another version of the Beauty and the beast fairy tale. James was disfigured due to a fire and he thought he was very ugly and that no one would love him. He became known as the black beast of Belleterre. He then meets the beauty Ariel. He marrys her to save her from another who is very lecherous and seen three wives die. Do they fall in love? You have to read the short story to find out.

Her Christmas Protector By Terri Reed this book is about Faith Delange. She has run away from an abusive marriage. She trys to hide from her ex husband on an isolated ranch. She helps the rancher, Luke Campbell, take care of his mom who is recovering from a heart attack. She is afraid to confide in Luke. Her ex husband does track her down with the help of Reva, who likes Luke and is afraid of losing him to Faith. It was not a bad book. It does have a religious slat to it. The Religious aspect is not hit you in the face. It is woven in the story very nicely. It is part of the characters and who they are.

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